SCHWARTZ ENGINEERING AND CONSTRUCTION PTE. LTD. provides quality high-end outdoor lighting products, with great design influence, to the architectural, design and end-user markets. LIGMAN Lighting designs, manufactures and distributes quality lighting luminaire solutions that meet the expectations and requirements of customers, thus enabling them to collaborate with architects, lighting designers, lighting engineers and other designers in the market.

By utilising the most sophisticated technology, the highest levels of technical expertise and the latest designs, a comprehensive range of outdoor luminaire products has been produced for industrial, commercial and domestic market for export to countries around the world. The well-designed modern luminaires offer customers a wide variety of products for their outdoor lighting needs. Schwartz also has the ability to manufacture products to meet the specific requirements of customers.

We at Schwartz Lighting are immensely proud of our people, both our dedicated staff and our worldwide distributors with whom we have joined hands through our outdoor lighting solutions in illuminating and beautifying buildings, safe cities and parks. The Management of Schwartz Lighting is committed to communicating and delivering clear direction to its staff. Our employees are recognised for their outstanding contribution and dedication to their work. Continuous efforts are made to ensure that the working environment for our employees provides excellent working conditions and good quality of life. Our employees are nurtured with continuous training and development in the latest technology in an excellent training environment, which enables them to gain significant improvement in managing their skills and resources.