SCHWARTZ ENGINEERING AND CONSTRUCTION PTE. LTD. is a world leader in the provision of environmental and engineering services for the power transmission and distribution (T&D) community. Our clients are both network owners, such as transmission and distribution utilities, and network users, such as generators, electricity consumers and rail network operators.

Our team of engineers, planners and environmental specialists provides a full set of services required within the electricity supply industry.

Our T&D team is active in realizing a 21st century energy grid economy that is founded on comprehensive utilization of renewable energy, distributed generation and demand-side participation. We help fulfill the promise of a sustainable future through lowering the carbon emissions of the power sector.

Our T&D project work includes the following:

Transmission and distribution analysis and network planning

Power generation systems analysis

Substation and transmission line design

Power system protection


SCADA, metering and energy management systems

Load dispatch centers

High voltage underground cables

Transmission and substation siting and land planning

Sub-soil investigation and earthing systems

System efficiency and loss reduction programs